NightMind Photography | Personal Branding Solution - Basic


Personal Branding Solution


Your headshot, whether it be on a website, social media, or a business card, is often the first impression a client, casting director, or agent will have of you.  Be certain your image makes that ever important first impression a great one!  I will work with you and coach you into creating images that project every bit of your confidence and success as a business professional, actor, or model!



This solution includes:


  • Photo shoot with multiple outfits and lighting styles, both in studio and on location:
    • 1 Headshot on white background
    • 1 Headshot on gray background
    • 1 Portrait on location, indoors or out, of client's choice (i.e. place of business, location with special meaning)
  • Final image selection consultation


$295 + applicable sales tax


All deliverables are digital files.  

I will work with you during the final consultation on the details of any print or online advertising campaign in using the deliverables.